October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Please support this fundraising campaign
with the launch of special edition 'Be Aware Bears'
(Aware and Awareness)
on 8th October at 16.00 (UK time)

Limited to 10 each of Aware and Awareness Beanie,
each bear comes with a different Breast Cancer Awareness sweater
designed and knitted by Jennifer aka PattiBuddy.
Aware and Awareness each come with different accessories
(some of which are shown here)
and will be packaged beautifully in pink packaging.

Also coming soon - more PattiBuddy creations

Please check this site for more details during the week

Cancer Research UK is the world's leading charity dedicated to research on the causes, treatment and prevention of cancer.

Cancer Research UK is the major supporter of
breast cancer research in the UK,
with an annual spend of over £20 million.
There are four main apects to the work of Cancer Research UK:

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million people
will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year worldwide.

Please click here for more information about breast cancer

Be Breast Aware

Early detection of breast cancer can save lives. Follow the five point code:

  • know what is normal for you
  • look at and feel your breasts
  • know what changes to look for
  • report any changes without delay
  • go for breast screening if you are 50 or over

How much do you know about Breast Cancer?

Click here and here to read advice and information provided by
Cancer Research UK

What can we do to help?

During October there will be the opportunity to buy special items from this website and eBay
such as the Special Edition Be Aware Bear

Official Breast Cancer Research UK merchandise will be available
You can buy some exciting new merchandise in official Cancer Research UK shops this year:

Betty the Bathtime Duck

Betty the bathtime duck has already appeared in many national magazines including Woman's Own and Happy.
As well as being cute, fun and a great bath companion, her packaging also includes vital information on how to check your breasts, as the bath is the perfect place to do this.Betty comes in white or pink and is just £4.99.

Life Wallets

Cancer Research UK is also selling specially designed 'life wallets' for £4.99.
These are beautiful leather-effect key rings that open out to display two passport-sized photos.
The piece includes a small keepsake capsule which unscrews so that a message or memory can be stored,
making this a truly unique way of celebrating a life for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Cancer Research UK ribbon pin

Other products in the Ribbon Range include a ribbon t-shirt at £6.99,
a beautiful pink candle and holder for £4.99, a funky mobile phone sock at £2.99,
a glamorous quality key ring for £1.99 and the traditional ribbon pin badge for a suggested donation of £1.
If CHERISH is able to obtain any of these items for sale, news will be posted here.

CHERISH will also be holding a series of eBay auctions of pink items,
pink-themed Beanies and other collectables

You and some friends could 'Get into the Pink'

You could host a tea party or coffee morning or a girly evening
Encourage guests to wear something pink
You could go completely cerise
or more restrained rose
or just wear a pink ribbon or rosebud

or the Limited Edition pendant and brooch
available from F Hinds jewellers

Some clothing companies are donating proceeds
fromt the sale of certain garments
Click here to read more

Ask pink-wearers to donate a pound or a pile of pennies for doing so
Serve them pink food and drinks

It doesn't all have to be sweet food -
How about salmon, salami and shrimps?
At work we will have a pink brunch

Sell guests pink tickets for a pink raffle
You could ask them to provide a pink prize for the draw
You could ask local shops and businesses to donate pink prizes
such as rose wine, pink cakes, pink cosmetics and flowers

A 'budding' gardener could plant up some pink hyacinth bulbs
in pretty pots, all tied up with a pink ribbon
These would make great Christmas presents!

Invite guests to pay a small entry fee to enter some pink competitions
such as guessing the name of the pink teddy
or guessing the weight of the pink cake

or a pink treasure hunt
Perhaps you could theme your event
a 'Pink Pleasure Party'

with pampering make-overs
and relaxing aromatherapy
perhaps a flower-arranging demonstration
or a fashion show (pink of course!)

Don't forget to Eat and Drink Pink!

Click here to see some recipe suggestions for a pink event

You could organise a Pink Day at work
Here are some suggestions from the Cancer Research UK
'All Join Together' microsite:

Pink ideas for the office

    Brighten up everyone's day by turning your whole office pink. Pink balloons, pink streamers, you name it! Then ask everyone to dress in pink and make a donation. You could hold a competition for the best pink clothes or the worst!

  • Have a pink lunch – everyone brings in a delicious treat then pays a fee to join in.

  • Enjoy a pink raffle with pink prizes.

  • Organise a pink themed social event, for example why not go bowling dressed as pink witches and wizards?

  • Hold sponsored events in the office, for example you could get sponsored to dye your hair pink or hop and sing everywhere you go!

  • Get the blokes involved! Pink might not be a very male colour but breast cancer affects the lives of men too, directly and indirectly. How about holding a Pot the Pink snooker evening and ask for an entry fee for those wishing to take part?

Take part in one of the Cancer Research UK family walks

Enjoy a family day out by taking part in one of the sponsored charity walks this Autumn.

There are over 60 walks taking place at various venues across the UK. Distances range from 2.5km to 12km

Click here for more details

If you have your own website it could wear a pink ribbon as a show of support
Why not link to this site using the CHERISH THINK PINK logo below?

All proceeds from fundraising in aid of Cancer Research UK
are donated at intervals during the year direct to the charity
Cancer Research UK is a registered charity No. 1089464

Please click here to visit the Cancer Research UK
Information Resource Centre

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